UK National Homebrew Competition  (Bristol, September 2011)
1st Place      Light Lager & Pils             Homegrown Saaz Pils         German Pilsner
1st Place      Amber & Dark Lager       Runny Toast                          Munich Dunkelbier
2nd Place    Amber & Dark Lager       Boston Lager                          Vienna Lager

The Homebrew Forum’s Spring Thing  (May 2011)
2nd Place    Continental Lager            Noble Pils

UK National Homebrew Competition  (Skipton, September 2010)
1st Place     Specialty Beers                 Angry Yank Pale Ale          American Pale Ale Judge’s Choice Champion Brewer Award 2010

Beermerchants & BrewWharf Competition  (April 2010)
3rd Place    Specialty Beers                Angry Yank Pale Ale          American Pale Ale


Being presented with the Champion Brewer award by James McCrorie, founder and chairman of the CBA, at the National Homebrew Competition in Skipton, September 2010.